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Carving fork - Christofle

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Carving fork - Christofle
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Collection : Talisman s/mesure
Flatware with a special finish

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Carving fork - Christofle

  • Carving fork

  • Collection : Talisman s/mesure
    Brand : Christofle

    Category :
    Flatware with a special finish

    Reference : 00141085
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    1 - 3 weeks

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    Carving fork
    A pattern in which silver and chinese lacquer have been successfully wed: Mineral and plant elements are combined through a process called "cloisonné".
    The lacquer is applied in 10 separate coats, each one dried separately.
    After polishing, it becomes almost as inalterable as the metal.
    These processes make the flatware extremely resistant to shocks so that it is perfect for daily use.
    Prestige-and-table, and Christofle offers you the opportunity to personalize your table by creating "custom made's flatware" with the color of your choice.
    After your order, we will contact you to define the color of your choice.
    Contact us for any question : Contact

    Daily cleaning
    All Christofle flatware can be put in the dishwasher.
    If it isn’t possible to wash silverware immediately after use, wipe off any remaining food with paper towels and then rinse in hot water. this will stop prolonged contact with acidic substances which can damage silver.
    In the dishwasher
    Ware can be washed in the dishwasher, provided that you follow a few simple rules:
    - before the first use, wash your silverware by hand with a gentle liquid dish detergent.
    - in the dishwasher, use traditional, chlorine-free powders or tablets. do not use liquid or gel products, which often contain chlorine. if you use a water softening product in the dishwasher, avoid washing your silverware during the first cycle.
    Follow dishwasher instructions concerning the hardness of the water. water with a high mineral content can be corrosive.
    Do not wash knives manufactured before 1968 in a dishwasher.

    Thanks to its creations in silver, Christofle is a symbol of luxury and elegance. since its founding in the mid-19th century, it has been a continous innovative force and has infused each era with a new art of living.
    A player in and privileged witness to the evolution of taste, customs, and traditions, Christofle has always seen its name associated with major creative trends, renowned artists such as man ray, jean cocteau, gio ponti, andrée putman, martin szekely or ora ïto.
    Today, as in the past, whether gracing the tables of emperors, princes, or maharajas, in palaces, on board the trans-siberian railway, orient express, or transatlantic ocean liners, or in the contemporary restaurants, Christofle continues to make an impression.

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    Carving fork - Christofle
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